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Hog Island renewal

From Steve Kress: I am very pleased to share the news that we have enjoyed three very successful weeks at Hog Island this past June. Campers this year came from 32 states plus New Brunswick. None of the programs would have succeeded without the support of 32 FOHI members who signed on for one or more work sessions, donating a total of about 1,300 hours of work.


A place in the heart

By Bart Cadbury. At the top of the hill on Keene Neck Road in Bremen, Maine, I look out across Muscongus Bay to Burnt and Benner islands in the far distance. Nearer to shore, several other small islands rise out of the sun-flecked water.


The Audubon “cause”

By Art Borror Over 45 years ago, when I was a student assistant at the Audubon Camp in Maine, the staff included Carl W. Buchheister, Bart and Joe Cadbury, Farida Wiley, Margaret Wall, Allan Cruickshank,