About FOHI

FOHI’s vision, mission, and goals


To see the day when, under Audubon ownership, the Audubon Camp at Hog Island is financially self-sustaining with a substantial endowment to assure its future.


The mission of the Friends of Hog Island is to preserve the legacy and support the conservation and nature programs and activities of the Audubon Camp at Hog Island, Maine.


The Friends of Hog Island, through transparency, online communication, social media, technology, and personal contact pledge to:

  • Build a sense of community among current and alumni campers
  • Build partnerships with local conservation and environmental groups
  • Build upon and further the mission of National Audubon.
  • Build trust and support within the local community
  • Build a stable, financial annual income stream through annual fund-raising and an endowment.
  • Build a nationwide volunteer base to work at the camp during sessions.
  • Build a collection of historical materials to keep alive the conservation legacy of the Audubon Camp at Hog Island for future generations.


FOHI hosts a service week in the beginning of the camp season. During this week, the volunteers work on a variety of projects that help open the camp for the season, from planting  gardens to painting, carpentry, repairing, making beds, cleaning, clearing the Island’s hiking trails, and so much more.

FOHI also provides eight volunteers for each camp session who help to ensure that the week runs smoothly and a full-time volunteer for the season who manages the store, is  Volunteer Coordinator, represents FOHI’s interest in the island, and helps as needed.  FOHI is also a great way for Hog Island Alums to connect with others who share their interests. In working together for a common cause (this wonderful island), FOHI volunteers build a strong sense of camaraderie. They keep the camp going! They rock!

When camp is not in session, FOHI volunteers help with cataloging and digitizing the Archive project, annual appeal mailing, administrative tasks, and with skilled building trades, and community building.

Interested in participating?

FOHI is free to join and open to anyone who is interested. There are no fees, forms,  or initiation ceremonies. Best of all is that only one appeal a year is sent – no other mailings.

To volunteer, you can sign-up starting October 30  on this site. For more  information on volunteering click here.  The season for volunteers is usually mid-May to the end of September. Places fill quickly.



2 thoughts on “About FOHI

  1. I want to send a small contribution by mail;where should I send it??Also when are the dares for FOHI cleanup and prep mfor the summer season onHog??I really want to volunteer again!!From,Nick Bonacker(nickbonacker@yahoo.com;phone:865-951-5747;address:POBox 60026;San Diego,CA92166

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