Volunteer Sign-Up

Volunteer Sign-Up

2024 Volunteer Update

FOHI volunteer registration for the 2024 season will open on November 13th, 2023, one day after Audubon rolls out their camper registration. You can see the dates of all camps where we are seeking volunteers by clicking on the Sign up Now button to the right.

The health and welfare of our volunteers is our number one priority. Based on the current guidance by the CDC and Audubon’s Camper Guidelines, COVID-19 vaccines and masking will not be required to participate as a camper or volunteer next year.

FOHI Volunteers will follow all health and safety protocols as recommended by Audubon for their campers, course instructors, and staff. Please take a moment to read their procedures for sick campers, as well as their harrassment policy, below. Audubon has the right to modify these policies before camp begins if deemed necessary. FOHI will follow up with any updated protocols. 

Audubon’s Camper Guidelines

Over the course of the next few months, we will be transitioning to electronic volunteer forms for next summer. You will hear from our wonderful Volunteer Coordinator, Adam, about how to fill these out before camp. We will still accept paper forms next year, but prefer people to use the electronic versions if possible. 

Please sign up for not more than four consecutive sessions. If those four sessions are in the months of July and August, you will not be permitted to stay on the island during the camp’s week-long breaks between sessions.

For more information, and other FOHI volunteer opportunities, send an e-mail to: