Charter contributors

These were the charter FOHI contributors in July 1998.

  • Tally Avener, Belfast, ME
  • David Blake, Villanova, PA
  • Arthur and Rae Borror, Durham, NH
  • Robert Budliger, Delmar, NY
  • Bartram and Virginia Cadbury, Hanover, NH
  • Betsy Cadbury, St. Basile leGrand, PQ, Canada
  • David and Karen Cadbury, Rockport, ME
  • Peggy Cadbury/Ching Wong, San Francisco, CA
  • Bob and Barbara Elias, Rye Brook, NY
  • Bill Gette, Newburyport, MA
  • Joe and Carolyn Gray, Jefferson, ME
  • Brian Harrington, Manomet, MA
  • Stephen W. Kress, Ithaca, NY
  • Mid-Coast Audubon Society, Rockland, ME
  • Douglass and Elsie Morse, Providence, RI
  • Godfrey Rockefeller, Gibson Island, MD
  • Prentice and Patty Stout, Wakefield, RI
  • Haven Wiley, Carrboro, NC

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