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Innovative educational programs integrating natural history, ecological awareness, and the sense of wonder in midcoast Maine since 1936.

From the Island

Oh, It’s Good to be Back on the Island - Camp is back in 2021 with a full roster of campers and a full complement of volunteers as well. Because of COVID, a number of restrictions are in place this year. Almost all activities are taking place in the open air. Our FOHI volunteers are performing a number of additional duties, such as early coffee … Continue reading Oh, It’s Good to be Back on the Island
Floats Are in and Other News - We’ve waited for over a year for to be back on Hog Island. And, now, volunteers are making their way to the camp for opening work week, June 2-8. Then, on June 13, campers will be coming up the gangway for Field Ornithology. The floats are in and the ospreys are back, both sure signs … Continue reading Floats Are in and Other News
Hog Island Opens for 2021 - Yes, it’s true. The Hog Island Audubon Camp will be open for programs this year. Registration opened on March 8. Be sure to hurry and check out the new offerings, including day trips in May and other new programs. The camp will follow Covid-19 guidelines to protect campers, staff, and volunteers. But don’t worry, none … Continue reading Hog Island Opens for 2021
The Stars from Hog Island - Nature during this crushing year has provided much-needed solace. During the crisp nights of winter here in Maine, we are fortunate to see, as Carl Sagan would say, “BILLIONS and billions of stars….” twinkling in the inky darkness. On seeing them, our minds turn to times on Hog Island and the laughter, the learning, the … Continue reading The Stars from Hog Island
Oh my, the holidays are here - It’s November and we never thought we’d make it this far. But we did! We discovered skills and strengths that blossomed in us. We discovered new relationships, both with humans and the great outdoors. And Hog Island? It continued to rejuvenate itself. The Hog Island crew, staff and volunteers, likewise blossomed. Friends of Hog Island … Continue reading Oh my, the holidays are here