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Thanks to FOHI, storm recovery is underway!

Audubon & FOHI team up for a quick start to repair the boathouse

The love for Hog Island rang out strong and clear after our most recent call-to-action following the January coastal storms that ravaged the Maine coast. The astronomical high tide submerged the boat house on the mainland and tore the boat dock off of its pillars. On island, while the Queen Mary was thankfully left unscathed, the pier was dislodged and the Bridge porch roof was partly peeled away. The tidal surge also eroded several areas of natural shoreline, encroaching closely to the foundation of the Quarterdeck.

Eric Snyder from Audubon provided us with a full assessment of the damages and a plan to stabilize the infrastructure so that camp will open on time in the spring. He has been transparent throughout the process and is working to get the insurance claims processed as soon as possible. In the meantime, FOHI is here to help.

Last week, ten of our volunteers arrived at the base to help secure the boathouse. With donations from loyal backers, we were able to provide the necessary tools and materials to get started. All in all, the recovery effort is moving along with promise. If you’re interested in helping out, two more work days are scheduled for this Thursday (2/8) and Friday (2/9).


Sign up to volunteer this week or in the near future by clicking the button above, and emailing Adam DiNuovo, our volunteer coordinator.

Photo by Jean Hall
Photo by Jean Hall
Photo by Jean Hall

One last thing.

We understand that not everyone can make a trip to Bremen this winter. You can still contribute, however, by making a montetary gift.