Hog Island Update: February 2011

A call for volunteers

Image by Victor GabayPart of FOHI’s commitment to making the Audubon Camp at Hog Island a sustainable venture is to provide volunteers to help with opening and closing the camp and then to help during the program sessions.

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February progress report

Eric, contractor, and Sue rowing through the ice-filled narrowsFrom Juanita Roushdy: As I sit here watching the snow falling and clinging to the trees — and the serenely beautiful white landscape — it reminds me that it has been a while since my last communication, so here’s a synopsis!

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The memorable second choice

From Ethan Dawe: Nearly 30 years later I still recall my first glimpse of Hog Island across the mist shrouded bay as I was dropped off on the shore with the other kids. It’s seemed like another world, and it was.

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Hog Island Update: January 2011

Early bird registration ends at midnight tonight

hogIf you have been thinking about signing up for Audubon Camp in Maine summer programs on Hog Island, now is the time to act. All adult programs are filling fast and the teen program is wait-list only. And, the earlybird discount ends at midnight this Saturday (January 15th). All registrations made online or postmarked by the 15th qualify for this discount.

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We’ve done it

roushdy-2010-09-cuFrom Juanita Roushdy: One step, one person, one achievement at a time will assure our goal of providing a sustainable financial future for Hog Island.

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Group rallies to save Maine birding island

1293628319From The Working Waterfront: A group of volunteers has headed off — at least for now — a deal to transfer ownership of Hog Island in Muscongus Bay from the National Audubon Society to Camp Kieve in Nobleboro.

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Good news to share

P1100945From Juanita Roushdy: Here in Maine, lush greens have turned to shades of gray and dark greens. Our beloved Audubon Camp at Hog Island is wrapped up for the winter. We hope you’re in the mood for good news, because we have a lot to share with you.

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Hog Island Update: November 2010

On October 27, Working Waterfront, a publication of Maine’s Island Institute, posted an [intlink id=”3150″ type=”post”]article[/intlink] reporting on discussions about Hog Island ownership. The next day, National Audubon posted an [intlink id=”3157″ type=”post”]response[/intlink] to the article.

We have received permission to republish both pieces, in their entirety. Please note that we are also accepting submissions of well-reasoned and respectful comments on each page: the [intlink id=”3150″ type=”post”]Working Waterfront[/intlink] story and the [intlink id=”3157″ type=”post”]National Audubon[/intlink] response.

[intlink id=”3150″ type=”post”]Audubon turning Hog Island over to Camp Kieve[/intlink]

A Muscongus Bay island, famous among birders, will likely have new owners, the National Audubon Society says.

Hog Island, in the past host to legendary luminaries such as ornithologist Roger Tory Peterson and naturalist Rachel Carson, has been losing money for years and could change hands by the end of the year. Discussions between Audubon officials and Camp Kieve in Nobleboro, also known as Kieve-Wavus Education Inc., are reportedly close to agreement on a deal to transfer the $5 million property. It’s been an Audubon camp and education center since 1936, and over the decades thousands of birders have flocked to the rustic buildings and mossy paths of Hog Island.

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[intlink id=”3157″ type=”post”]Update on Hog Island Planning[/intlink]

To the Friends of Hog Island and other members of the Audubon family:

As you may be aware, the website, Working Waterfront yesterday published an [intlink id=”3150″ type=”post”]article[/intlink] about Audubon’s plans for Hog Island. While it painted a vivid picture of what has made the island such a special place and conservation resource for 75 years, the article was much less accurate regarding the status of Audubon’s planning for the property.

We are grateful for the generous support we have received from the Friends of Hog Island and others to ensure that this treasure will continue to be a place for discovery, inspiration, and conservation. And for all concerned about this special place, here are the facts.

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Hog Island Update: October 2010

Recent news from Hog Island

Road Scholar seabird and service session concludes 2010 season

The final Audubon Camp in Maine session for the 2010 season was titled ‘Maine Seabird Biology and Conservation’. This service learning program was a collaborative venture with Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel). It represents the strengths of combining the on the ground seabird management of Project Puffin with the power of 32 people — motivated to not only learn about seabird biology, but participate in direct conservation actions.

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Hog Island volunteers raise a sign for the Cruickshank Wildlife Sanctuary

There’s always a rainbow at Hog Island

Do you remember being at Audubon camp on Hog Island for the first time and hearing a strange word dropped into conversations and introductions – “fowee” “fohigh”. What did it mean? At the end of the session, you realized it was one of those delightful acronyms, which have become part of our lexicon, meaning Friends of Hog Island (FOHI).

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Juanita Roushdy helping clear debris from Eastern Egg Rock

Program Schedule for 2011

Here is the schedule for next summer’s Hog Island programs, starting with Seabird Biology and Conservation on May 29 and continuing through six sessions until September 16.

Save the dates! Registration opens on October 15.

2011 Audubon Camp in Maine Programs at Hog Island

May 29-June 3 Seabird Biology and Conservation
June 12-17 Joy of Birding
June 19-24 Field Ornithology and Maine Coastal Birding for Teens
July 14-19 Sharing Nature: An Educator’s Week
August 15-20 Audubon Chapter Leadership Program
September 11-16 Bird Biology and Conservation

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Departing on dory from Harbor Island. By Stephen Kress.