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Hog Island Update: November 2010

On October 27, Working Waterfront, a publication of Maine’s Island Institute, posted an [intlink id=”3150″ type=”post”]article[/intlink] reporting on discussions about Hog Island ownership. The next day, National Audubon posted an [intlink id=”3157″ type=”post”]response[/intlink] to the article.

We have received permission to republish both pieces, in their entirety. Please note that we are also accepting submissions of well-reasoned and respectful comments on each page: the [intlink id=”3150″ type=”post”]Working Waterfront[/intlink] story and the [intlink id=”3157″ type=”post”]National Audubon[/intlink] response.

[intlink id=”3150″ type=”post”]Audubon turning Hog Island over to Camp Kieve[/intlink]

A Muscongus Bay island, famous among birders, will likely have new owners, the National Audubon Society says.

Hog Island, in the past host to legendary luminaries such as ornithologist Roger Tory Peterson and naturalist Rachel Carson, has been losing money for years and could change hands by the end of the year. Discussions between Audubon officials and Camp Kieve in Nobleboro, also known as Kieve-Wavus Education Inc., are reportedly close to agreement on a deal to transfer the $5 million property. It’s been an Audubon camp and education center since 1936, and over the decades thousands of birders have flocked to the rustic buildings and mossy paths of Hog Island.

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[intlink id=”3157″ type=”post”]Update on Hog Island Planning[/intlink]

To the Friends of Hog Island and other members of the Audubon family:

As you may be aware, the website, Working Waterfront yesterday published an [intlink id=”3150″ type=”post”]article[/intlink] about Audubon’s plans for Hog Island. While it painted a vivid picture of what has made the island such a special place and conservation resource for 75 years, the article was much less accurate regarding the status of Audubon’s planning for the property.

We are grateful for the generous support we have received from the Friends of Hog Island and others to ensure that this treasure will continue to be a place for discovery, inspiration, and conservation. And for all concerned about this special place, here are the facts.

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