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The memorable second choice

From Ethan Dawe: Nearly 30 years later I still recall my first glimpse of Hog Island across the mist shrouded bay as I was dropped off on the shore with the other kids. It’s seemed like another world, and it was. | Read more.

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The reach of the humanities

By Tom Schaefer When I first came to Hog Island as a camper in 1981, I was far enough along on a humanities degree that my next big hurdle was to complete the “project” phase of the program. Since my focus was on conservation history, I figured hanging out on an island in Muscongus Bay … | Read more.

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Sea kayaking around Hog Island

By Eric E. Ylagan Ever since my first summer at the Audubon Camp, I wondered if a sea kayaking session might someday be offered as a week-long session. Apparently, I was not the only one who was aware of the island’s sea kayaking potential because a few Camp Directors have toyed with the idea, but … | Read more.

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The island would remember me, too

By Kate Torpie Kate Torpie got in touch with FOHI after reading the Fall 2001 newsletter. Her fond memories of a night on the water at Hog Island moved her to write a poem some time ago, which has been reworked into this essay. I’ve lived in Europe, driven all the way across this country, … | Read more.

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Leaving Hog Island

By Cathy Belisle Cathy Belisle visited Hog Island not once, but twice in 1999. She first came in June for an ornithology session and then returned with her daughters for a family camp in August. I woke to the heavy sound of footsteps in the hallway and on the stairs, busily preparing for the journey … | Read more.

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