FOHI’s 2002 Development Plan

Since 1998, Friends of Hog Island has acted primarily as an alumni recruitment organization, building up a data base of some 2300 names. FOHI has also prioritized production of our newsletter, Across the Narrows, which allows us to keep in touch with former campers and staff.

But with the arrival last spring of an energetic new development director at Maine Audubon, Ginger Jones, we are now formulating some creative plans through which our two organizations can collaborate on some serious fundraising to benefit the Audubon Camp.

A first major step was allocation in June 2002 of FOHI funds for the purchase of the new Queen Mary dock and for the printing of an Audubon Camp brochure.

On September 8, 2002, FOHI founders Bart and Ginny Cadbury, with some of the MAS staff and FOHI leadership team, hosted a cocktail cruise at Hog Island for 62 local friends and neighbors. This outreach effort has generated about $1,600 in contributions so far, with more expected as folks consider their annual year-end giving.

The FOHI development committee is currently assessing a master fund-raising plan as well as working on a protocol for future FOHI joint endeavors with MAS.

A Joint Commitment

Our visits to Hog Island last summer allowed us to see the spirit of the ecological teaching and learning going on there (not to mention just plain good times!). Camp director Seth Benz and his staff had another successful season. Comments from campers about the quality of the experience on Hog Island continue to be positive and supportive.

Remember the good times you had, share them with others, and plan either to return for a refresher yourself or find a friend to take your place!

Since the mid-1930s, Hog Island has provided an extraordinary natural setting for immersing people in the natural history and beauty of the Maine coast. Despite changing leadership, curricula, and needs at the camp, a major aim has always been to provide campers with a wonderful exposure to the outdoors so as to allow them to understand the ecological principles guiding the conservation aims of both the National Audubon Society and the Maine Audubon Society: the Audubon Cause.

The past year has been a productive period of interaction between the Maine Audubon Society and the Friends of Hog Island, aimed at assuring continuation of the tradition of environmental education at the Camp. Maine Audubon is committed to the Audubon Camp on Hog Island and plans a substantial development campaign including improvements to the Camp, as soon as the new executive director of MAS is installed. As MAS undergoes changes in leadership, the assistance of FOHI will be all the more important in keeping friends aware of the ways the Camp can benefit from our support.

Bill Hancock, Maine Audubon’s Environmental Centers director, with Seth Benz, has created an exciting schedule of residential and expedition camps for next summer. Filling each and every space for each session is vitally important, so please spread the word near and far. Remember the good times you had, share them with others, and plan either to return for a refresher yourself or find a friend to take your place! Your support and enthusiasm will help create opportunities for others. It can be a life-changing experience to spend time on Hog Island. We are all working to make sure that tradition continues!