April Fool’s Day

Not to be outwitted by a mere surprise wild snowstorm on April Fool’s Day, determined FOHI neighborhood volunteers plowed through the 10” snow to stuff, seal, and stamp 7500 envelopes as part of our first-ever fund drive. Perhaps the aroma of hot seafood soup and Janii’s crème brulees helped!

Janine and Eric stamp envelopes
Lennie and Janii burn the sugar

Many thanks to the neighbors, 16 on Friday night and 13 on Saturday, and to Lennie and Jancie for letting us take over their house each night and use every soup bowl! Nellie, the dog, kept the floors clear of any crumbs!

Donations are gradually coming in. As we said in our letter, every donation, and every donor, counts! Since our mailing, we’ve received an anonymous donation of $10,000 and several gifts in honor of  special people: $1,000 in honor of Julie Seifert and Maddie Lucas, who spent their college summers volunteering at Hog Island; $250 in honor of Eric Snyder; and $100 in honor of Steve Kress. Continue reading

Summer programs nearly full

The weekly Hog Island registration report is now posted.  We are at 94% enrollment, with 48 Audubon chapters and other organizations sending scholarship recipients or representatives to Hog Island this year.

We have experienced a burst of enrollment in the Audubon Chapter Leadership Program and with an enrollment cap of 35, only a few spots (if any) remain open.

The overall percentage of enrollees receiving scholarships jumped from 18 to 31% in the last two weeks, primarily due to numerous chapters sending representatives to ACLP and 7 scholarships to Educator’s Week by the Maryland Ornithological Society.

In publicity news, approximately 6200 brochures and 500 post cards went out this week with information about Hog Island programs.  5,300 were to the SRP mailing list and 1,400 were to the second half of the lists compiled by Juanita and her volunteers of the Hog Island alumni.

The timing of the mailing is intended to direct respondents to register for the September program, which opens March 14th (next Monday). Welcome packets are scheduled to go out next week and I am getting more and more emails from people who are excited about going to camp this summer!

Thanks again everyone for helping us be in such a good position in early March with HI programs.

Steve Kress wants you … to volunteer

I am very pleased to share the news that the programs on Hog Island for the coming summer are more than 90% filled with several already with wait lists.  This is certainly great news as we welcome this year’s campers for the 75th anniversary of the Camp.

If you would like to follow the success of the registration process, please download this report (PDF); it is updated every few weeks by Camp Registrar, Erica VanEtten.

While the Camp has filled rapidly, there are still some opportunities to spend time on Hog Island this summer as a FOHI volunteer. If you have not already signed up, I hope you will join us.

Installing carpet mat at Eastern Egg Rock. By Stephen Kress.

We have several work weeks planned that will open the island in May and June and close down for the winter in late September.

Sue Schubel is the FOHI volunteer coordinator and the point person for sending your application to assist the program. I greatly appreciate your continued help for the Camp

In addition to the work weeks, there are also several openings remaining in all of the teaching sessions to help in the kitchen and maintenance around the grounds and buildings.  In these sessions, FOHI volunteers will be able to take part in some of the classes and field trips as space permits.

Please consider join us by completing and returning this form (PDF) to Sue Schubel.

I hope you will join us for this 75th anniversary summer for the Audubon Camp.

Hog Island Update: February 2011

A call for volunteers

Image by Victor GabayPart of FOHI’s commitment to making the Audubon Camp at Hog Island a sustainable venture is to provide volunteers to help with opening and closing the camp and then to help during the program sessions.

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February progress report

Eric, contractor, and Sue rowing through the ice-filled narrowsFrom Juanita Roushdy: As I sit here watching the snow falling and clinging to the trees — and the serenely beautiful white landscape — it reminds me that it has been a while since my last communication, so here’s a synopsis!

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The memorable second choice

From Ethan Dawe: Nearly 30 years later I still recall my first glimpse of Hog Island across the mist shrouded bay as I was dropped off on the shore with the other kids. It’s seemed like another world, and it was.

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Stay in the know

Don’t forget that you can receive Hog Island updates more often (1-3 times a month), by signing up for our other newsletter, Latest Posts from FOHI, here?

A call for volunteers – 2011

Part of FOHI’s commitment to making the Audubon Camp at Hog Island a sustainable venture is to provide volunteers to help with opening and closing the camp and then to help during the program sessions.

Choose from one of the three FOHI workweeks or one of the program sessions. The FOHI workweeks are filled with hard work, great camaraderie, and a great sense of accomplishment. The first short week opens up the camp and prepares it for program participants — the focus is on a thorough cleaning of the camp, but there may also be painting and fix-it projects, gardening, trails to clear, and kitchen duty in the mix.

Image by Victor Gabay

The second week has lots of projects – carpentry, painting, repairs, and caring for the buildings we love. The third week does final repairs, and closes down the camp to prepare it for the long winter sleep.

The workweeks are a time to enjoy the beauty of the island with a small group of friends and a more relaxed schedule than during regular camp sessions. A boat trip to Egg Rock Puffin Island is the reward for the second and third workweeks!

Volunteering during a program session week is fast-paced. Kitchen duty, general housekeeping of the buildings, and other odd jobs as the need arises will keep us busy, but you’ll still have time for some fun and learning. During these sessions you’ll have an opportunity to meet world-class instructors, fascinating participants from all over the country, and go on a field trip when space permits.

With any volunteer stint on the island, you’ll enjoy Chef Janii’s exceptional cooking — he’s full of culinary surprises! But best of all, you’ll enjoy a sweet exhaustion and know that you’ve helped our much loved Audubon Camp pulse with life for yet another year as part of the FOHI team.

Accommodation and food are included in your volunteer stint. For more information or to sign up contact Sue Schubel, otherwise known as “Seabird Sue,” at , or download the form and return it to Sue Schubel at 11 Audubon Camp Road, Bremen, ME 04551-3233.

Volunteer spots are limited so sign up soon and bring a friend — share the fun and labor of love!


  • May 25 – 28 – Friends of Hog Island (FOHI) – opening camp, cleaning, painting, misc. projects
  • May 29 –June 3 – Maine Seabird Biology & Conservation – kitchen, cleaning
  • June 5 – 10 – Friends of Hog Island (FOHI) – cleaning, gardening, painting, misc. projects
  • June 12 – 17 – Joy of Birding – kitchen, cleaning
  • June 19 – 24 – Field Ornithology/ Teen Camp – kitchen, cleaning
  • July 14 – 19 – Sharing Nature: Educator Week – kitchen, cleaning
  • August 15 – 20 – Chapter Leader Week – kitchen, cleaning
  • September 11 – 16 – Maine Seabird Biology & Conservation II – kitchen, cleaning
  • September 18 – 23 – Friends of Hog Island (FOHI) – closedown, cleaning, painting, carpentry