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If you are interested in pledging support to Hog Island, please send us your name and contact information and we’ll get back to you right away.

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Our mailing address is: Friends of Hog Island, P. O. Box 242, Bremen, ME 04551.

42 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Chris Crosley: I’m so anticipating turtle season! Have we formed day teams yet? Can’t wait to see you.

    (843) 597-2541

    • Hello Susan,

      I believe you have sent an e-mail to us by mistake. We do not have anyone named Chris Crossley nor do we monitor turtles. You may like to visit our Osprey cam at Juanita

  2. I’m interested in a remote-cam volunteer slot. I watch osprey-cam pretty frequently already so I might as well be running it a couple of hours here and there.

    • Yes, we’ve had some trouble with our web cam, but it is working now. You can view it at and click on the Osprey photo. Ospreys usually migrate to South America in the winter. We do not have satellite trackers on Rachel and Steve but hope to in the near future, then we will know exactly where they go. Thank you for watching the osprey cam. You may want to check out the other Audubon cams on Seal Island and the puffins. Juanita

    • Hi Nick – I took the picture on my phone and still have it. Shall I send it to Juanita?

      Best wishes to all my FOHI buddies – I miss you all!!!

      – S

    • Hello Nick,

      Yes, it did. I posted in on FOHI’s Facebook page but will send a copy to you. Remarkably, you have little mud on you.

  3. I live in Texas, and am interested in possibly volunteering for a camp next year. In the meantime, is there anything I can volunteer to do for y’all from here?

    • Hello Niki,

      We will be posting the volunteer schedule for 2014 around the end of October or early November 2013. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We still have a few openings for our September 2013 programs. Check the dates on our sigh-up page:

  4. Perhaps the gentleman (& others) who gave the talk on the history of Hog Island would be interested in this recent article on Emily Dickinson from the NY Times. Some Todds are mentioned.

    • Dear Susan,

      Thanks so much for sharing this. What a treasure trove finally coming into the public forum. We’ve passed it on as you requested. Juanita

  5. Hello Juanita! We are so excited about Family Camp 2014! We plan to attend with the last (to date) grandchild. My first experience was at the Educator’s Camp. This will be my third Family Camp experience and I am probably more excited than my grandchildren. Since our camp trip will be our granddaughter’s Christmas present, I was wondering if there is any way to order a t-shirt or something similar as a more tangible gift to open on Christmas day. I can’t see any place on the website to make an order. Advice? Billie Allbritton

  6. I watch daily on the Osprey cam. I would like to know what the small black birds with white chests who dive for food are.As I look from the cam they are on the rocks with the white tips. I have tried myself to answer this but I am not having much luck. Thank you .

    • The small black birds that you usually see are Black Guillemots. They have white wing patches and red feet. In the winter you can still see them but they will appear as splotchy white, as they will have molted their black feathers.

  7. Last year much to our delight the cam was left on, Two of us are from England UK and we spent everyday watching across Muscongus Bay I went to Facebook but got no reply to the question, ” is the camera staying on this year “. I never go to bed without watching the sun setting and also in the morning its the first place that I go, there is something magical about the Bay and I and many others love it too ! Please can you reply to me so i can let the others know and please leave it on for us ! Thank you !

    • Beryl,

      We’ll check and get back to you within the next few days. Hog island has been put to bed and all is quiet. We have been enjoying some magnificent autumn days here.

  8. Juanita – This note is long overdue. Steve and I thoroughly enjoyed our stop at Hog Island when we were sailing a few weeks ago. It is a very special place. I have told fiends they have to visit the island some day to experience how special it is. We will be definitely visit again and hope to volunteer for a week some summer.

    Diane Neal

    • Diane, Thank you for your kind words. Will look forward to seeing you again next year. We love our visiting boaters. Some have become friends and volunteers, even campers!!!

  9. I had volunteered the summer of 2014 but I have had hip problems in 2015 and I am scheduled for surgery the end of 2015 so everything is tentative. Hope to join every
    one this upcoming year.

  10. Hi Juanita
    I need to change my address. Please send me contact information to change it.
    Hope you have a great summer.

  11. We spent one incredible week on Hog Island many years ago, now. Spouse’s long sleeve tee-shirt is going into the rag bin. Is it possible to buy another Hog Island Audubon Camp tee?

    • Ah, glad to hear of a worn out Hog Island tee! I don’t believe that we have long sleeves any more, only short sleeve. The Hog Island store is closed for the season, but I’ll check with the Rockland store to see if they have any.

  12. Steven Hansen asked me to contact your organization, specifically Juanita Roushdy to offer advice on setting up a digital archive of your collection of 2,000 documents and photographs for public use.

    I am happy to send you a copy of the manual I produced of digitizing for small organizations and I am also available as a consultant to create the digital collection for your organization.

    Let me know how I can be helpful.

    • Thank you, Jessica. FOHI is eager to set up a digital archive for all the historical photos and documents of Hog Island; it is part of FOHI’s mission to do so. I look forward to receiving your manual.

  13. Hi Juanita, I want two of my grand children (ages 8 and 12) to experience the summer family camp at Hog Island. What are the 2019 dates, and when does registration open? Thanks, and congratulations on another outstanding year. Best, Bob Horn

    • Hello Bob, The registration for the 2019 season will go live on October 15. The dates for Family Camp are August 4-9 and August 11-16. It fills up quickly. See you in 2019!

  14. I would like to be removed from your mailing list. How can I do this via email? Thank you in advance.

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