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You are the wind under our wings

Gratitude. Friends of Hog Island is bursting with gratitude for so many things. First for all of you who breathed new life into it and gave Hog Island the wings to take off and become the success it is today. Then for the smiling faces of each of you as you walk up the pathway to the Bridge, knowing you are back on the island and its mossy paths, fresh air, lapping waves on the shoreline, seabirds, warblers, majestic pines, and the peace it brings you.

We’re also grateful that we’ll be able to fund the raising of the Queen Mary in 2022 and keep her high and dry from the ever-rising tides.

We’re grateful that we had an outstanding group of candidates for our volunteer coordinator position for 2022 and that Adam DiNuovo was the unanimous choice. Adam is a familiar face on Hog Island as an instructor and Project Puffin (Seabird Institute) island supervisor. Among other positions he was shorebird program manager for Audubon Florida and is now happy to combine his love of birds, Hog Island, and working with volunteers in one position in Maine!

We’re grateful that Tony Ferrara our former volunteer coordinator has not left the FOHI fold but will remain active as a volunteer.

We’re grateful that 2021 was a successful season for the Hog Island Camp and for Friends of Hog Island. Despite all the Covid protocols, all were safe and enjoyed their time – campers, staff, instructors, and volunteers.

We’re grateful that the camp plans to open camper registration on February 1, 2022 with a tentative schedule coming out in early December. FOHI will be there. Its volunteer registration  opens on February 2, 2022. In the meantime, the camp has a virtual lecture series “Making Bird Connections” to get you through until registration!

Gratitude. We have each other and we have nature.