Hog Island Goes Solar

Bart and Virginia Cadbury had no way of knowing what their grandson, some 60 years later, would do for their beloved Hog Island. Benjamin Cadbury Wong, son of Peggy Cadbury and Ching Wong, knew he wanted to do something for Hog Island but what. Two years ago while volunteering at camp, he learned of our dream of being solar powered. He knew then how he could give and contribute to the wellbeing of the camp and planet.

Benjamin, a systems engineer with SunPower Corporation in California, put together a proposal and submitted it to his company. They donated at cost 92 solar panels and 72 micro inverters – the heart of the system. Dwayne Escola, systems design and engineer with Northeast Smart Energy LLC, donated his time and expertise. FOHI paid for shipping and materials. Eric Snyder, Hog Island Facilities Manager, was the linchpin in bringing the solar project to fruition. FOHI volunteers under the guidance of Benjamin, Dwayne, and Eric put it all together.

On September 24, 2016, the switch was turned on and the Hog Island Audubon Camp became solar powered. Two buildings – the Fish House and the Bridge – support solar panels that will provide 70-90% of the camp’s needs, including those of the mainland facility. Benjamin also provided a means whereby the daily energy production can be used as an educational online tool during camp and off-season. During the winter, energy produced will become electrical credits that can be used during the season. We expect the system to pay for itself within 2-3 years.

Twenty-nine FOHI volunteers excited at their part in the camp’s history donated  more than 1,000 hours – some came for a day just to be part of it. The roof team spent long hours in sun and drizzle – Ben, Dwayne, Eric, Adrian, Anthony, Pete, James, Phil; the rest of us were the ground team.

The Hog Island Audubon Camp’s solar system became reality through teamwork, passion, and love for Hog Island. Friendships were forged and mutual respect for every member of the team was the norm. With this kind of caring FOHI will continue to “make promises and keep them.” The camp has a bright future, indeed.

There is no doubt that the solar project is the star of FOHI’s closing week, but an update on some of the other projects will be posted later. Thank you all for your dedication and trust in the camp’s future.

Note: Bart Cadbury was Director of the Hog Island Camp, 1958-68.