News from Hog Island

We have three bits of exciting news, not including the fact that all the snow has melted and the birds are arriving in droves!

Attention All Mainers

FOHI has partnered with Mid-Coast Audubon chapter to have a benefit screening of the movie “A Birder’s Guide to Everything.” U.S.A Today said thatNot since Rob Reiner’s “Stand By Me’ has such a compelling rite-of-passage film emerged.” So, if you live in Maine or are coming to Maine, join us.  The film will show on Wednesday, April 16 at 7 p.m. at the Lincoln Theater on Maine Street in Damariscotta, ME.  Mid-Coast’s own Don Reimer will be on hand to answer questions before and after the show.

“A Birder’s Guide to Everything” Photo: Courtesy of Labrador Duck Productions, LLC

Have Rachel and Steve Returned?

On April 8, 2014  at 3:36 p.m. EST, a male and female osprey landed in the Hog Island nest? Are they Rachel and Steve returning home or is it last year’s interloper female returning with a suitor or Steve. Stay tuned while we confirm the identities of the pair! To keep tabs on them, visit and see if you can tell if they are Steve and Rachel.

Is this Rachel and Steve?

Hog Island Sessions and Volunteer Spaces Are on Track

Sessions for the 2014 season are 75% full. A few spaces are still left in most of the sessions, especially those fabulous Monhegan trips in September.  Many of you have missed Pete Dunne. Well, he will be back for Joy of Birding in June, so now’s the time to register. We have a lot of stimulating additions to the sessions. Even if you’ve attended them before, you’ll find something new and exciting. We’re always improving and adapting.

Ah, the Joy of Birding! Photo courtesy of John Reis

Volunteers spaces are also open for most sessions, so sign up or learn more about what is expected of a volunteer. They rock!

P.S. We mailed our annual appeal letter on April 1. If you’ve already sent a donation, please disregard our appeal – we thought you’d enjoy the update. Stay tuned for more news as we work out the winter kinks. See you soon on the island.