An Exciting Summer Ahead

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness. If this John Steinbeck quote is true, then summer at the Hog Island Audubon Camp in Maine will be especially sweet. Not only do we have our tried and true programs for 2014 but we also have the new Raptor Rapture session July 13-18 and are repeating the Arts of Birding in June 22-27; it was a big hit last year. Registration for camp sessions is brisk so explore the sessions at and sign up with friends or family.

Campers enjoy sketching, photographing, recording, and painting live birds at Arts of Birding, 2013
Campers enjoy sketching, photographing, recording, and painting live birds at Arts of Birding, 2013

Learn about some of the exciting instructors that will  be on hand to enrich your experience; Rob Bieregaard and Pete Dunne are just an example. You won’t want to miss this season.

We thought things couldn’t get any better

For FOHI, we thought things couldn’t get any better. Because of a generous anonymous gift last year that was matched by FOHIs,  we will able to make improvements to the Fish House for the 2014 season and also purchase some items that will make camp life a little more comfortable. For this season, we’ll have a new audio/visual system and additional ventilation in the Fish House; more is in the works.  FOHI’s News – 2013 wraps up our activities as well as our financial position and has some fun photos – check it out.

FOHIs keep busy in the winter

Jean MacKay whose stunning artwork graces the cover of FOHI’s  News – 2013 will be coming back in 2014 not as a volunteer but as an instructor at Arts of Birding. Only Jean could make a thing of beauty out of our Hobart Sanitizer Machine!

Jean's Hobart art

Some of you may have had long chats with Tom Schaefer – a FOHI volunteer and board member. So you know that Hog Island has a special place in Tom’s heart. He’s been working on a book, Nature’s People,  about the island and will be here in July as a “writer in residence” working on the “Camp Mavooshen” chapter of his book. Check out his blog site and his progress.

Of course, you all remember Scott Weidensaul, FOHI board member. Scott had the envious task of banding as many Snowy Owls as he could as part of Project SNOW Storm. The nonprofit has gathered volumes of data and photos about the 2013 Snowy Owl irruption, which will add to our knowledge of this species. Take a moment to explore the site. Scott will be at the camp for several sessions throughout the season.


What would summer be without a stint at the Hog Island Audubon Camp? Our volunteer slots are filling up quickly and our team is growing with many coming back as a group – “a vacation with friends while you give back to something you love” is the sentiment of many FOHI volunteers. Educator’s Week is already full but we still need volunteers for the other sessions. We also have the Turnover Tornado option that gives you an overnight stay on the island for helping us with the session turnover day. If you can’t come to the island, perhaps you could be an osprey-cam volunteer.  Become part of the fabulous FOHI volunteer team; sign-up soon. We’re waiting to see you again!

Wish List

Last but not least is our Wish List: We’d be thrilled to receive a 16-ft skiff to replace our workboat scow and a 15-passenger van. E-mail for more information.

Remember, whether you come to Hog Island as a camper or a volunteer, you are helping sustain the island’s future.

As Emily dickinson said, “Hope is the thing with wings” – thank you for giving wings to Friends of Hog Island and the Audubon Camp at Hog Island.