Hog Island Bursts with Babies and Volunteers

Two New Babies

Rachel and Steve, our famous Osprey couple now have two eggs. We anxiously await to see if they will have a third. Rachel has a rival for Steve’s affections. Watch the drama unfold at  Here is another unusual FOHI volunteer opportunity – you, too, can remotely control the osprey cam. Sign up on-line or e-mail Janine at

Are you watching me?
Are you watching me? You must be willing to commit 10-15 hours a week from now until August.

A Note from Sue . . .

It’s spring now – the peepers are peeping and the pussy willows are popped!  The woodcocks are winding their way down the sky into the Nash meadow.

Some FOHI have asked, “When do you really need us?” We could really use volunteers during our big Joy of Birding session (June 9-14). This is an incredible all-star session with a full roster of enthusiastic campers.

Later in the summer we have  interesting opportunities like the Small Reach Regatta (August 14-18), where the island will be chock-a-block with fascinating boat people and their small traditional vessels.  And September has a number of interesting options if you’d like to join us during an absolutely perfect time of year in Maine.

Don’t forget about the “Turnover Tornado” option if you only have a day or two to donate – come in on a Friday morning to help us with the departure and refit tasks between sessions, and enjoy a quiet Saturday all to yourself on Hog Island.  I hope to hear from you soon and THANK YOU for all you do. Sign up now to volunteer!

FOHI volunteer Steve always ready to help even on a field trip!
FOHI volunteer Steve always ready to help even on a field trip!

And Finally . . .

FOHI volunteers will be arriving to open up the camp on May 19 and the first campers will arrive May 31. We’re excited about all the new things that are happening on the island. Be sure to include us in your plans for the summer – freshly caught lobster, home-made pies, friendly staff, stunning setting.

Oh, and if you have a 10-15 passenger van or a small motor skiff to replace our workhorse boat send an e-mail to

See you on Hog Island.