Volunteer at Hog Island

From Sue Schubel, FOHI Volunteer Coordinator:

Greetings Friends – It’s only February, but . . . February! It’s already February! Good grief, it will be May before we know it! Time to buckle down and confirm you summer plans. Many thanks to everyone who has submitted a volunteer application so far. And much encouragement to those who are still pondering. Now is the moment to nail this down in your schedule. I do understand in this mosaic of life that sometimes we wait for the muse to strike, divine inspiration to hit us over the head, or some other unlikely outside influence to guide our path and put down that one element to work around.

Kate, a former camper, returns to volunteer
Kate, a former camper, returns to volunteer

Let me give you a lightning bolt of direction and ask for volunteers for these camper weeks:  June 3-8 (Seabird Biology and Conservation – Road Scholar); June 10-15 (Joy of Birding);  June 24-29 (Joy of Birding 2 + Teen Birding); August 19-24 (Family Camp); August 26-31 (Audubon Leadership); September 9-14 (Seabird Biology and Conservation 2 – Road Scholar); September 16-21 (Migration and Monhegan).  We really need a good crew for each of these weeks so our participants will feel well cared for and want to return with all their friends.  (You will notice that Educator’s Week and Ornithology/Teens are not on the list as they are already filled.)

If you prefer a quieter time, we also have space for volunteers during our spring and fall work weeks.  No campers during these sessions – just plenty of paint, scrapers, hammers, nails, rubber gloves, scrubbies, brooms, and vacuums.  A good time is had by all – you could even be the “head” man!  (or woman!)

Look through our FOHI volunteer packet for useful information or drop me an e-mail of inquiry at  Looking forward to seeing your creative souls on Hog Island this summer!