Red Sails in the Sunset

Amid the radiance of fall color, FOHI volunteers had the island and Janii, our chef, to themselves. They had their choice of rooms, selected desserts, spectacular sunsets, and had plenty of time to just relax and soak up the island.

The workweek started by Sue Schubel, FOHI Volunteer Coordinator, asking everyone a surprise question: “What “whim” would you like satisfied while on the island?”  Such a question left a usually talkative group speechless. Well, mmm, aah, maybe, the hesitancy ended in a resounding desire to have more time to enjoy its beauty and birds. Their wish was granted.

Chocolate mousse, sweetie pie puffins, morning bird walks, naps in the sun, late breakfasts (7 a.m.!), a hike to Bingham cottage, champagne and crab rangoon appetizers, pensive moments in the Adirondack chairs, and a surprise sunset sail aboard the 43-foot “Deep Green” with Captain Anthony Liss satisfied everyone’s whim!

Hey ho hey ho, it’s off to work we go

Thirteen volunteers under Sue’s and Eric’s guidance began the remodeling in the Wash House; hung a new door in the Crow’s Nest and painted the new walls of the additional shower and toilet; painted the hall and stairs in the bridge, aired, folded and packed away all 120 blankets; washed the linens and curtains; swept; cleaned; wrapped the mattresses; replaced and glazed windows; repaired and built new stairs in the Bosun’s Locker and the Wash House;packed and sealed all the displays in the Queen Mary Lab; packed up the kitchen; organized the Boson’s Locker; cleaned out the boathouse; put away the chairs and hammocks – the list goes on.

Walter Pfaff and Elizabeth Roysten extended their stay from the Road Scholar week to help and Jay Collier came for a day. Eleven volunteers stayed the whole week: Eric Eichhorn, Loretta Victor (FOHI board member), Gaye Phillips (FOHI Treasurer), Robert Phillips, Phyllis Coelho, Mary Bennett, Mary LaCreta, Phil Witmer, Libby Hyatt, Jo McCarten, and Juanita Roushdy.

A surprise visit

Another surprise was a visit to the island by Norwood and Betty Hazard. Norwood attended camp and was a staff person in the late 1950s. Returning to the island and visiting with the volunteers brought back many fond memories.

Thank you

Many thanks go to Sue, Eric Snyder, the Hog Island Manager, Janii Laberge, the chef, and his assistant Kory Kwasow for working side by side with us.

Our FOHI volunteers are an invaluable contribution to the financial sustainability of the Hog Island Audubon Camp.  In 2012, we will need volunteers for each of the program sessions as well as the FOHI workweeks. Sign up now!

To all of you who give so much of your time to Hog Island – Thank You.