Will we see you in September?

We know Hog Island is your summer love, but September may perhaps be the most beautiful time here.  Summer lingers on with “warm” seas around the isle, growth is luxuriant with meadows of asters and goldenrod to greet you on the mainland, and an abundance of ferns and flowers on the island.  Monarch butterflies that hatched in Maine are migrating south to Mexico, a place their great grandparents came from, but that they know only distantly through their DNA. The tide pools are full with golden star tunicates, sponges, baby periwinkles and tiny crabs.   Hawks are migrating along the outer islands, following the migrating songbirds.  The air is crisp and clear and ripe apples fall from the trees.

This September 18-23, volunteers can celebrate a very successful summer as we shake and store the woolen blankets (Roger Tory Peterson slept here!), perk up some spaces with paint, repair windows, move some debris, and generally carry on with improvements.   Eric and numerous volunteers have made great strides this season with the infrastructure of our campus – you will be impressed.

Don’t miss this opportunity to spend the end of summer on your favorite island.  Join our dedicated volunteer group as we work on end-of-season projects, enjoy Janii’s culinary creations, reminisce about times past and thrill to the prospect of times ahead!

September 18-23 is fast approaching. Hurry and reserve your spot, contact Sue at or phone her at 207-380-1370.