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Here’s your chance

Egg Rock is off limits during the nesting season. However, during the fall session of Maine Seabird Biology and Conservation on September 11-16, you can land on Egg Rock and help restore the habitat for puffins, Atlantic Terns and Roseate Terns. This session coincides with the peak of the fall landbird and hawk migration.

Learn about seabird restoration from the experts. Join Greg Butcher, Director of Bird Conservation with National Audubon, Steve Kress, Director of Seabird Restoration Program, and Scott Weidensaul, nature writer of numerous books and short-listed for the Pulitzer Prize, for a rare opportunity to actually set foot on it and see some of the birds still there.

A few places remain for the session — let’s keep up our record of 100% participation for 2011 — so sign up today with Roads Scholar for Maine Seabird Conservation and Biology. You’ll have the added bonus of seeing the rainbow colors of Maine’s fall foliage begin.