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Volunteer week 2: From “to do” to “ta da!”

The first FOHI week was so successful that we decided to have another one, this time with more volunteers and even more projects on the To-Do board. Around twenty volunteers showed up throughout the week, eager to help out. And there was much to be done.

The "To Do" Board

From “to do” to “ta da”

First, the new furniture in the Crow’s Nest needed painting. We decided on white, so that we can have fun repainting them every year! Libby Hyatt, Monica Kirtland and Kate Harris all helped paint the new chairs and night stands, while Bill Carpenter and Steve Schellenger painted doors and bunk beds.

Additionally, Libby Hyatt, Mary Bennett, and Bill Carpenter all worked on the trails, making sure that the paths were clear and easy to navigate.

Libby Hyatt takes a break from gardening to paint!

Lynn Stroud came back for another week of volunteering, and to continue her cleaning efforts from the previous week, making sure all the cabins were spotless. She also power-washed the Helm deck.  Another returnee was Helen Walsh, our expert gardener, who weeded and planted to perfection. Libby Hyatt also helped with the gardens, especially the bell gardens, where she spent many hours weeding and pruning.

The Bridge also needed work, and many volunteers helped on this project. Mary LaCreta, Martha McBride and Kerry Rosenthal helped repaint the pillars on the porch.

Historical surprises

Donna and George Yorkton and June Austin help Janii in the kitchen

During the middle of the week, we had a special visit from Jay Collier, FOHI webmaster, who was returning to the island for the first time in several years. Jay, along with Juanita Roushdy and Julie Seifert, sorted through Hog Island’s historical files.

The files spanned many decades, and contained everything from a picture of Janii circa 1993 to the announcement of the first camp session from 1936. It was a very interesting project and made us realize the long and storied history of this island. Jay hopes to organize and scan these documents so that they will be better preserved for the future, as the story of this island continues (watch for more news on the history project).

More chores

Over at the Port Hole, Steve Berkowitz and Hollis McBride scraped paint and helped to glaze the Port Hole windows, a very important task, as the glaze holds the glass in.

Hollis McBride glazing windows of the Port Hole

When they were not at the Port Hole, Steve B. and Hollis could be found in the kitchen, where they helped wash dishes after our many wonderful meals. And speaking of those delicious dinners, Chef Janii Laberge was, lucky for us, cooking for us during this week, making dishes such as crème caramel and shrimp gumbo.

Janii was assisted in the kitchen by Kory Kwasow, Kira Elsworth, and Julie Seifert, and volunteers Martha McBride and Mary LaCreta. Emily Wescott also helped out in the kitchen by washing the pots and pans. In fact, Emily impressed us all with her energy. In the words of FOHI Coordinator, Sue Schubel, “Emily never stopped. Never! She did everything.” But in fact, I think these words apply to all of the FOHI volunteers.

Birthdays keep coming

But, as always, we didn’t just work. On June 7th, we had a double birthday party for Sue Schubel and Steve Schellenger. Chef Janii prepared a delicious feast, including two birthday cakes, and many friends and family attended. The party continued on past dinner well into the night, with a campfire, s’mores, and a sing-along. We also took a boat trip out to Eastern Egg Rock on a cloudless, calm day, and we saw many adorable puffins.

Also, towards the end of the week, Kerry Rosenthal, Eric Snyder, and Sue Schubel all braved the forty-degree water to help install the tide stick.

Road Scholars

Black-Throated Green Warbler enjoys the newly cleaned water garden

Additionally, as many of you know, we had one session of camp between the two FOHI weeks, the Road Scholar Seabird Biology and Conservation Service Learning session. The session went very well, in part because of the efforts of the FOHI volunteers, both during the session and from the first FOHI week. For example, the participants enjoyed the freshly planted gardens, the spotlessly clean cabins, and, of course, the new mattresses!

In fact, the Road Scholar week was so fantastic that three of the participants decided to come back to the second FOHI week. So, we would like to give a warm welcome to these three new members: Mary Bennett, Martha McBride and Hollis McBride.