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Summer programs nearly full

The weekly Hog Island registration report is now posted.  We are at 94% enrollment, with 48 Audubon chapters and other organizations sending scholarship recipients or representatives to Hog Island this year.

We have experienced a burst of enrollment in the Audubon Chapter Leadership Program and with an enrollment cap of 35, only a few spots (if any) remain open.

The overall percentage of enrollees receiving scholarships jumped from 18 to 31% in the last two weeks, primarily due to numerous chapters sending representatives to ACLP and 7 scholarships to Educator’s Week by the Maryland Ornithological Society.

In publicity news, approximately 6200 brochures and 500 post cards went out this week with information about Hog Island programs.  5,300 were to the SRP mailing list and 1,400 were to the second half of the lists compiled by Juanita and her volunteers of the Hog Island alumni.

The timing of the mailing is intended to direct respondents to register for the September program, which opens March 14th (next Monday). Welcome packets are scheduled to go out next week and I am getting more and more emails from people who are excited about going to camp this summer!

Thanks again everyone for helping us be in such a good position in early March with HI programs.