We’ve done it

We’ve done it! In the midst of the chaos and stress of the holidays, we broke two huge numbers!

The day after Christmas, and the next, found 9 Keene Neck Road volunteers stuffing, sealing, and stamping FOHI’s first letter with our logo and mailing it to 2300 alumni. Janii’s fish and scallop chowder and freshly baked apple pie each day surely had a lot to do with the enthusiastic turnout!

Then just after the New Year, FOHI volunteers in Texas, North Carolina, Connecticut, and Maine finished a Herculean back-aching, finger-numbing, eye-straining task: transferring almost 6,000 names and addresses of alumni from sketchy, typewritten sheets into Excel spreadsheets? These will be merged to form one large FOHI alumni database.

If you know of any alumni who may have moved or changed e-mail address, please let us know via our [intlink id=”1005″ type=”page”]website[/intlink] or via e-mail. With the aid of technology, we plan to keep all alumni and friends up-to-date and part of our growing Hog Island community.

Keep us growing by [intlink id=”2625″ type=”page”]sharing information[/intlink] and [intlink id=”1005″ type=”page”]subscribing[/intlink] to our website for updates. One step, one person, one achievement at a time will assure our goal of providing a sustainable financial future for Hog Island.

A heartfelt thanks to Robert Phillips, Lena Gallitano, Loretta Victor, Ted Gilman, Janine Parziale, Eric Snyder, Barbara Hanson, Suzi King, Kamala Grohman, Helen Grohman, Jancie Olson and Janii Laberge for over 188 hours of work!

Don’t forget to sign up for an unforgettable 2011 program at Hog Island. The island awaits you.

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