Video captures the spirit of Hog Island

Famed videographer Lang Elliott has produced a new 6-minute video about the ornithology and teen birding session at the Audubon Camp in Maine on Hog Island.

Elliott and co-videographer Martyn Stewart capture the spirit of the legendary camp which will celebrate its 75th anniversary next summer.

The video features well-known birders Kenn Kaufman, Scott Weidensaul, Greg Budney, Sara Morris and Steve Kress. Lang will join the field ornithology instructors for the 2011 Hog Island program.

2 thoughts on “Video captures the spirit of Hog Island

  1. Brings back memories, so I put together a Powerpoint Presentation of the three times I spent a week at Hog Island. Pictures of Rick teaching weather and intercoastal studies were especially moving since we lost him a few years back.

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