Property Ownership

Comments on Hog Island ownership from around the Web

Here is a round-up of opinions on Hog Island developments from out on the Web.

What’s up with Audubon by Rob Fergus at The Birdchaser

“I just got news that Audubon is about to ditch its historic Hog Island nature camp in Maine, where Roger Tory Peterson used to be a counselor, and where generations of Audubon members have created bonds to nature that have sustained them as they’ve engaged in the tough work needed to protect the environment for future generations.”

Hog Island by the Bremen Conservation Commission

“A news article in the newspaper Working Waterfront reports the Audubon Society may give Hog Island to Camp Kieve-Wavus, the children’s camp headquartered in Nobleboro.

“More information, including a recent letter from National Audubon concerning the possible transfer, is available on  the Friends of Hog Island website

“Meanwhile, the Hog Island Camp will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2011.  See the FOHI website for more details and registration information for classes next summer.

Audubon to No Longer Own Hog Island? by Corey Finger at 10,000 Birds

“It is just plain sad, short-sighted, and shockingly stupid for National Audubon to give away a part of American birding history as iconic as Hog Island.  It is hard to believe that money can’t be found to keep a tax-exempt, 300-acre island from operating in the red.  Though National Audubon claims no donor stepped forward I haven’t heard of them searching for a donor until, well, now that they are getting rid of the island.  They didn’t even ask the local Audubon group….”

Audubon’s Identity Problem – by Rob Fergus at The Birdchaser

“Audubon has responded to the news story about its attempt to get rid of its historic Hog Island camp, and the furor that it is raising online and here among the grassroots, with a FAQ page posted to their website last night.

“But Audubon doesn’t have a PR problem. It has an identity problem.

“Is Audubon just a big national environmental organization fueled by grant moneys, rich donors and the magazine subscriptions of its ‘members’? Or is it a community — a true society — that will enjoy coming together at places like Hog Island to celebrate their past and grow together as a stronger force for the good of birds, other wildlife, and our shared environment?…”

Why I love Audubon by Rob Fergus at The Birdchaser

“I’d just like to highlight some of what I really love about Audubon. Mostly people who are doing great work, some of which you may not have heard of. There are thousands of them across the country, passionate and effective Auduboners at the National, State and local chapter level. Here are just a few:

“1) Stephen Kress. For decades, against all odds, Dr. Kress has put together one of the most effective bird conservation programs in Audubon. He has brought puffins and nesting terns back to the coast of Maine, and has solid data to show the effectiveness of his work. He has trained hundreds of young interns over the years, and his work is an inspiration for similar projects around the world….”