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Letter from Mid-Coast Audubon to National Audubon

Dear Mr. Yarnold,

The board and members of Mid-Coast Audubon are alarmed by recent rumors of the imminent transfer of Hog Island to Camp Kieve. As representatives of Audubon in mid-coast Maine, we would like to respond knowledgeably to inquiries about this. Could you verify whether these rumors are true?

We realize that National Audubon and Maine Audubon have been struggling with the financial aspect of keeping Hog Island viable, but we believe that the new model tried by Steve Kress this year proved itself and proved its potential to continue the programs. The programs had great support by volunteers who contributed over 3,500 hours in 2010 and committed to 2011. At long last, we seem to be on a successful path with the right mix of partnerships, programs, and people.

If these rumors are true, we are disappointed that we were left in the dark and had no opportunity until now to approach our membership and the local community for possible alternatives.

Hog Island holds a special place in the hearts of all those who have spent time on it. We trust that it will remain under the aegis of National Audubon, that Audubon programs will continue on the island, and that any legal changes would be transparent.

We hope that the 75th anniversary of Hog Island in 2011 will be cause for celebration and a bright future with Audubon at the helm.


Susan Schubel,
Mid-Coast Audubon Society

On behalf of the Mid-Coast Audubon Board:

Bill Goodwill, Kristin Pennock, John Tobin, Don Reimer, John Weinrich, Juanita Roushdy, Connie Arness, Kathy Cartright, Carolyn Gray, Jerry Therrien, Phyllis Cohuelo

And membership.

ecc. President, Maine Audubon
Presidents of Maine Chapters
Friends of Hog Island