Voluntary service

The Week in Review

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Hog Island before you arrive for your camp session? Well, this should give you an idea.

A group of dedicated alumni, members of the Friends of Hog Island (FOHI) — to which all “graduating” program participants automatically belong — gathers a week before the first ornithology session to help the staff open the camp.

They have a very busy week: cleaning, scraping, painting, gardening, building, clearing and building trails, and putting in the tide gauge.

And of course there are the rewards: eating Janii’s gourmet feasts, greeting the visiting groups of American Birding Association members on their way out for a boat trip to see the puffins on Eastern Egg Rock, swimming off the dock with Ayla, a boat trip and birding with Art Borror, evening slide presentations for reminiscing in the new chairs in the Fish House, and even a gallery opening in the Bridge!

We just thought you might all like to hear more about your wonderful Island!