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FOHI Work & Learn Week 2006

The “Friends of Hog Island” completed its sixth annual “work-and-learn” week at the Audubon Camp in Maine in June, drawing participants to Hog Island for a six-day marathon of dormitory painting, trail maintenance, mainland and island gardening, and carpentry.

Slideshow by Vic Gabay

Completed activities

Here is a list of the work completed during the 2006 FOHI Work and Learn week.

  • Repaired Queen Mary door
  • Weeded flower and herb gardens and planters
  • Scraped and stained bridge and kitchen
  • Painted walk-in kitchen
  • Repaired Porthole stairs
  • Cleared trails and built bridges
  • Painted the Porthole bathroom
  • Painted Porthole chairs
  • Picked up litter
  • Cleaned Porthole, Queen Mary, Crow’s Nest
  • Pruned, weeded, trimmed old plants
  • Weeded mainland gardens
  • Wrote reunion invitations
  • Painted Bridge screen door
  • Built 80-foot boardwalk
  • Sanded Adirondack chair
  • Demolished benches around raised bed
  • Dug post hole
  • Painted and scraped the back of the bridge
  • Painted Porthole room 7
  • Painted and repaired Fish House steps
  • Washed and painted Wash House steps
  • Ironed 19 pairs of Porthole curtains
  • Repaired Binnacle front steps
  • Retreaded ramp on service dock
  • Placed tide marker
  • Replaced track light bulbs in the Queen Mary
  • Completed troubleshooting electrical repairs
  • Cleaned bridge walls and windows