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FOHI Work & Learn Week 2004

To the participants of this year’s work week from David Klinger:

Thank you for your hard work, your fine fellowship, and your good will and devotion to Hog Island during our recently-completed “Friends of Hog Island” work week.

We accomplished a great deal for the camp and planted a seed for the future of the program and for Maine Audubon with our staging of “A Sense of Wonder” for friends, neighbors, and supporters of the Audubon Camp in Maine. Thanks to you all, we succeeded on all fronts!

When I reflect back on our 2004 work week, I’ll remember:

  • the diligence and self-direction of Eric Eichorn and Loretta Victor
  • the quiet competence and woodworking artistry of Bob Teichman
  • the faithfulness to Hog Island and culinary gifts of Bob and Naomi Halpert
  • the loyalty and support (and electrical wizardry) of Robert and Gaye Phillips
  • the enthusiasm for a new place and new experiences shown by Kathy Crisci
  • the steadiness and patient work habits of Blanche Townsend
  • the “can do” spirit of Lynn Stroud
  • the humor and goodwill of raconteur Nick Bonacker
  • the devotion and deep feeling for Hog Island of Tom Schaefer
  • the long commitment to the Audubon Camp of Vic Gabay
  • the joy of seeing Hig Island throught the “new eyes” of Vic’s daughter, Raina Kohn, and
  • the endearing demeanor and sweet smile of Helen Walsh

Thank you, one and all, for everything you did last month, and for what you continue to do for Hog Island.