Fundraising goals

These are the FOHI fundraising goals for 1998.

A New Boat

In establishing our priorities, we determined that the first need was for a new boat. The only Coast Guard approved boat available, PUFFIN IV, has a capacity of 40 people. With a full camp numbering 55, there is need for another boat with a capacity of at least 20 or 25. So a new boat becomes a top priority and we intend to concentrate our efforts on that first.

A subsequent note from Camp Manager Scott Saunders says, “It is desirable to have a boat conducive to Maine waters. A proven hull with a high integrity of seaworthiness would be a lobster boat of at least 35 to 42 feet, constructed of fiberglass or wood. If a wooden boat, the hull should be no older than 10 years. It is not necessary that a boat be Coast Guard approved as we can retrofit to meet those requirements.”

Costs of a new boat are hard to estimate since we would search for a buy-back or possibly someone who would like to sell a used boat as a tax shelter. A new boat would probably cost in the neighborhood of $100,000 so we would need to budget for that sum.


The second greatest need is for scholarship funds to supplement the Buchheister Scholarship Fund which was started by Bart Cadbury shortly after Carl died in 1986, just at the time of the 50th anniversary celebration at the camp. That fund raised $25,000 which has grown to a point where it supports approximately 10 scholarships each year. Addition to that fund would enable the camp to offer much more in the way of scholarship aid.


Further down the line there is need for significant building maintenance: replacement of rotting sills, update of electrical systems, heating provisions for year-round activities and kitchen modernization, thus making it possible to involve schools in more extensive programs and enabling the camp to operate as a nature center as well.

Achieving Goals

When we sent out invitations for the July 1998 meeting we included a request for contributions and were surprised and delighted at the response of $4,500. Our “Charter Donors” gave us a running start.