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Friend of Hog Island is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

From the start, Hog Island, Maine, has set a standard of excellence due to the combination of superb staff and an environment that casts a magic spell over those who are fortunate enough to share the opportunity it offers. But the Camp always needs your help.

We know there is a real backlog of devotion and support among our alumni and we urge you to respond to this need and make it possible for the camp to continue the work in which Audubon pioneered in the training of teachers and youth leaders right from its earliest days in 1936.

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11 thoughts on “Support Hog Island

  1. Great video! Just heard about Hog Island for first time from article in The Working Waterfront, 2-3/11.

    Curious to know who Friends of Hog Island are and how one would make a donation more directly. Thanks!

    • Thank you so much for your inquiry about Friends of Hog Island. Friends of Hog Island is made up of former alumni (campers) and friends in general who care about the Audubon Camp at Hog Island. It has existed informally for a long time, and recently, faced with a possible transfer of ownership of the island, came together as a legal entity.

      Friends of Hog Island now has the organization and capacity to provide supplemental income to the camp and to provide an endowment. This will enable Audubon to retain ownership of the island and continue sustainable programming and operation. I don’t know if you had a chance to browse the website, but it is a rich source of information about the camp’s history and struggles up to today.

      We are optimistic about Hog island’s future under National Audubon partnering with Friends of Hog Island. We have a diverse, capable board (Scott Weidensaul, Kenn Koffman, Walt Pomeroy, Steve Kress, Gaye Phillips, Loretta Victor, Kayleen Pritchard) – all alumni. We also have an advisory board. Alumni are local and nationwide.

      As to donations, we are poised to put an online donation button as soon as we receive the written approval from the IRS; they have already contacted us to say they have approved us as a Public Charity and the “letter is in the mail” – but we prefer to wait until it is “in hand”!! If you wish, you may send a check to us at our mailing address or wait until we announce the letter is “in-hand.”

      Again, many thanks for your inquiry. Glad you liked our video!


  2. Hi, I am from Toronto.. Last year watched the puffin burrow, was so so sad when Petey passed away, I understand the cam is not LIVE in the burrow, but have been watching the Ospreys, so so amazing, When I lived outside of Orillia, many many osprey nest were seen, in fact one lane we named “Osprey Lane,” but to see inside the nest is incredible from the laying of the egss, the hatching and the feeding. Last year I was fortunate to see the fledging of them….I have always enjoyed nature. Was involved with Girl Guides 20 years, and when we would do weekend camping, the girls came back with new things about nature.

    Now my question, what is the cost for one week at the camp.

    take care


    • Hello Judy,Yes, nature is tough to watch sometimes but it gives us amazing insight into the perils and struggles of trying to survive. For Hog Island camp prices and programs, visit We still have some spaces in our September program to Monhegan Island. Prices vary on the accommodation chosen. Looking forward to seeing you on the island.

  3. Juanita,

    I am so glad I can donate through Paypal. Because it was so easy I will be sure to donate each year. Your card is the perfect reminder.


  4. We just witnessed the tireless dedication of Eric to the welfare of the prematurely fledged chick Bailey. Many thanks and I urge all who love the Osprey nest to support FOHI!

  5. Hello Juanita

    I just made a contribution to FOHI. I would like to join FOHI too, but not sure how to do that. Please advise. I really enjoyed my first visit to Hog Island and the Bird Habitat Workshop. I plan to come back next year! Thanks to FOHI for all, they do!

    • Hello Moirajeanne,,
      FOHI does not have memberships per se. If you are a camper you automatically become a member of FOHI unless you specifically decline. Thank you for your donation; that in itself will get you on our database for future news and communication. So glad you enjoyed the Creating Bird Friendly Habitat session. We loved having everyone on the island enjoying our gardens and learning about all the winged creatures visiting them. Until next time.

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