Information for 2019 Volunteers


Welcome and thank you for thinking about being a fabulous FOHI volunteer. Before you sign up, read our volunteer brochure  to learn what is expected of you. Also check out Volunteering at Hog Island and learn about past volunteer experiences. FOHI volunteers work hard and are a team. They rock! Bring a friend and share the joy.

FOHI volunteers keep the camp humming and are an integral part of its continuing success.  Our first camper session starts on May 26, 2019, but we have a pre-camp work session (May 13-17, 2019), when FOHI volunteers open up the island and get it ready for campers. We look forward to your help, before, during, or after the main season. Think about staying for more than week! Or consider being a Whirlwind – arrive early Friday morning to help clean and get ready for the next session.

Planning your trip

  1. General information – including lodging and dining
  2. Clothing and equipment list
  3. Reading list
  4. Driving directions – see also directions from Project Puffin
  5. Public transportation to Hog Island to Hog Island

Forms to complete

  1. FOHI Volunteer Contract 2019 (.doc)
  2. FOHI Travel Form (.doc)
  3. FOHI Medical Form (.doc)
  4. Adult Liability Release Form (PDF)
  5. Criminal background check (.doc) – for volunteers working during Teen Camps, June 9-14, June 16- 21 and Family Camps, August 4-9 and August 11-16; on return envelope note: “ATTN: Rose Borzik”  Handwritten responses are often difficult to read. A signature is required. Many thanks. (Note: all staff and volunteers require a criminal background check for Teen and Family Camps – send all five pages of  the background check to: Rose Borzik, 12 Audubon Road, Bremen, ME, 04551)

Please send signed and completed forms (1) – (4)  either by e-mail (PDF) or snail mail to:


FOHI Volunteer Coordinator, Attn.: Tony
12 Audubon Road
Bremen, ME 04551

If you have questions about the information required on these forms, contract, or your volunteer schedule, contact Tony at .

Additional information for campers

  1. Hog Island Bird Checklist (PDF) – compiled by Peter Vickery
  2. Hog Island eBird list
  3. Breeding Seabirds on offshore seabird islands (PDF)
  4. Tide charts – select “Muscongus Harbor”

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