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An open letter to National Audubon

From Juanita Roushdy: I personally still have faith in National Audubon that it will defer it’s decision to transfer ownership to Camp Kieve for at least 2 years. Doing so will give the Friends of Hog Island and the new programming under Project Puffin and Steve Kress time to prove that Hog Island can truly be financially successful.


There’s always a rainbow at Hog Island

From Juanita Roushdy, President, Friends of Hog Island Do you remember being at Audubon camp on Hog Island for the first time and hearing a strange word dropped into conversations and introductions – “fowee” “fohigh”.


Report on the FOHI Festival

From Betsy Cadbury It has been said by those who were there, that the Audubon Camp on Hog Island was like a family in the early years, with Carl and Susie Buchheister, Allan and Helen