Coastal Maine for teens

Bald Eagles nest on Hog Island.

The Hog Island Ornithology Camp, in coastal Maine, was created in the 1930s to foster a desire to learn and care about the environment and the wildlife that inhabits it. Still running today, despite some economic troubles, I took part in this year’s Hog Island Coastal Maine Bird Studies for Teens.

It was a great five days; I got to meet 14 other enthusiastic young birders, as well as famous and important figures in the birding community, like Kenn & Kim Kaufman, Scott Weidensaul and Steve Kress. Enjoy a recap of the week in pictures.

Click on any image to view the slideshow. Use cursors to navigate. Click outside the slideshow to close.

Originally published at Warblings. Used by permission of Benjamin Van Doren.

3 thoughts on “Coastal Maine for teens

    • hi jay: this is really impressive photography and commentary. I also checked out ben’s blog on Matinicus — also great. I can’t tell you how much I miss the island…it’s been three years now (though two years ago we did make it as far as the dock.) wish I could make the reunion, but we just got back from vinalhaven and I can’t swing another 8 hour drive back up there. New York is just too far. We got to visit with Puffin Pete and talked briefly about family camp in the future…don’t know what’s in the cards, but at very least I hope to pass on some resources. For now, I’m glad to know that the island is working it’s magic on new campers once again. Thanks for helping to make that happen!

      • Thanks for the comments, Jean. I agree that Benjamin captured many facets of the Island so well.

        I’m sorry you can’t make it for the reunion, but I’ll be sure to pass on your regrets.

        Our daughter still talks about the family camp we attended with you and Dan in 2007.

        One of my photos from that week made it into a wonderful new National Audubon brochure promoting the Hog Island legacy. It’s great to have such support again!

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