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Happy birthday Hog Island, from a grateful family

From Theresa Willingham: This past weekend, Audubon Hog Island Camp, on Muscongus Bay in Maine – one of the most wonderful, successful, and, to our family, personally enriching and warmly memorable, environmental education facilities in America – celebrated its 75th anniversary.


Good news to share

From Juanita Roushdy: Here in Maine, lush greens have turned to shades of gray and dark greens. Our beloved Audubon Camp at Hog Island is wrapped up for the winter. We hope you’re in the mood for good news, because we have a lot to share with you.


There’s always a rainbow at Hog Island

From Juanita Roushdy, President, Friends of Hog Island Do you remember being at Audubon camp on Hog Island for the first time and hearing a strange word dropped into conversations and introductions – “fowee” “fohigh”.