Three weeks, three milestones

Black-Throated Green Warbler enjoys the newly cleaned water garden

Week One

FOHI work week. See Julie Seifert’s second story from summer 2011 for more great work by our dedicated volunteers. Behind the scenes during the past three weeks, FOHI volunteers with good humor and smiles kept on top of the daily cleaning and cooking chores and whatever else needed doing.

Week Two, Milestone One

Joy of Birding. Despite three days of rain and unusually cold weather, 60 campers succumbed to the Hog Island spirit, Chef Janii’s food, and the boundless teachings and knowledge of Scott Weidensaul, Pete Dunne, Peter Vickery, Chris Lewey, Jerry Skinner, and Stephen Kress. Continue reading

Volunteer week 2: From “to do” to “ta da!”

The first FOHI week was so successful that we decided to have another one, this time with more volunteers and even more projects on the To-Do board. Around twenty volunteers showed up throughout the week, eager to help out. And there was much to be done.

The "To Do" Board

From “to do” to “ta da”

First, the new furniture in the Crow’s Nest needed painting. We decided on white, so that we can have fun repainting them every year! Libby Hyatt, Monica Kirtland and Kate Harris all helped paint the new chairs and night stands, while Bill Carpenter and Steve Schellenger painted doors and bunk beds. Continue reading

Opening week at Hog Island

I’m writing from Hog Island, where we have just finished our opening week of FOHI volunteering. We had as many tasks as the Muscongous has water, but our brave volunteers dove in head first, making amazing changes to the island in just a few days.

Helen Walsh watering the new plants

For example, Loretta Victor and Phyllis Coelho swept and vacuumed every corner and windowsill of every cabin. Gaye Phillips worked on the linens and the room notebooks, with some help from her husband Robert. And when Robert wasn’t helping with the books, he could be found fixing smoke detectors or in his favorite spot, next to the Hobart dishwasher.

Lynn Stroud swept the entire Fish House and then moved right on to the Port Hole. In the garden, Helen Walsh planted  brilliant purples, yellows, and oranges, colors suggested by Phyllis, who was inspired by the buoys on the Fish House. Eric “Elder” Eichorn mowed the grass and raked up the clippings, working until the lawn looked, as Robert Phillips said, “like we could play croquet out there.” Continue reading

Special projects for summer 2011

Hog Island is slowly shrugging off winter and welcoming spring arrivals. The trails and facilities fared well over the winter, with only a few blow-downs on the trails. Ospreys are now routinely circling the point and a pair of eagles are enjoying a perch just beyond the Crow’s Nest, while on the mainland two Canada geese have claimed the small pond for themselves.

Janii has been making his spring reconnaissance of the kitchen, and start-up maintenance is just about in full swing. We have the smaller docks in and are doing repairs on some of the larger ones. Boats are getting new coats of paint and minor repairs as weather permits.

Overhauling Bingham Lodge is one of the major projects this summer

Continue reading