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  1. We just finished our first trip to Hog Island, and it won’t be our last! I expected to see birds and beautiful scenery and wasn’t disappointed, but the passion of the people, from Steve and his wonderful staff down to every volunteer we met, was amazing, inspiring, wonderful. Thanks for letting us be a part of this family.

    Bill and Trina

    • Bill and Trina, You were a joy and welcome addition to the camp. Thank you for your kind thoughts and sharing them. We look forward to seeing you again on Hog Island – either as campers or volunteers!

  2. Hi Juanita!

    I just wanted to leave you a quick note. My kids and I miss the family wildlife camp on Hog Island so much! I’m hoping to take my youngest, who will be 12, to the 2018 camp with his friend. Unfortunately for summer of 2017, his friend already has plans. We think of you all often, and wish you all well! Love, the Baron Family … Tina, Juliana, Michael and Nicholas (past and present students of Craig Newberger).

    • Hello Tina, Thank you for your kind thoughts about Hog Island. Our solar panels are soaking up as much sun as they can. When you come in 2018, you’ll be using solar generated power! I look forward to seeing you all again. In the meantime keep track of us by visiting the Facebook pages of FOHI and of Hog Island, then you can always take a peek at the island from the osprey cam at http://explore.org/live-cams/player/osprey-nest. See you in 2018. We’ll be here waiting for you!! Juanita

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